HiLo Media is a full-service video production and animation company. We create videos, mostly APP DEMO VIDEOS and SOFTWARE TUTORIAL VIDEOS. We also make some COOKING VIDEOS.  


  HiLo Media has pioneered in creating compelling app demo marketing videos for iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. We work with large corporations and independent developers alike and have great packages for all budgets.


Engage your users with compelling tutorial and FAQ content that will encourage more downloads and less support requests.


From recipe planning to sourcing talent, through production and final post-production, HiLo Media has created culinary content for web and national broadcast.


Production Manager

Chuck Heilig hails from North Carolina and has been emersed in film and video his whole life. His pop owned the local camera shop growing up, which gave him the chance to shoot film and video at a very early age. Chuck is a graduate of NC State University. In addition to Hilo Media, Chuck is an active HD videographer and travels all over the US to shoot. He has captured footage in three different countries. Before moving to San Francisco, Chuck spent three years in New York City working with a diverse clientele. Chuck has a unique and broad production base. He has done everything from cutting film on a flatbed editor to offline nonlinear editing. He continues to evolve with technology and enjoys all aspects of production. Chuck lives with his (lovely) wife in San Francisco, CA.


Post-Production Supervisor

In addition to HiLo Media, Joseph Nilo is a television producer and post production specialist working professionally as an editor and colorist on content ranging from national broadcast HD to internet viral delivery. Joseph has had many years’ experience wearing many creative hats: editor, colorist, producer, director, writer, voiceover artist, composer. He gained online notoriety as a pioneer in the podcasting community by producing and hosting the Mac Pro Podcast and Mac Mediacast, video podcasts covering Apple-related news and tech, along with various other audio programs. Joseph lives with his family in (beautiful) Asheville, NC.

How Much Does An App Demo Video Cost?

One of the first questions we get with each client inquiry is "How much does app video production cost?" One way to think of the cost of a video, or any creative project, is the analogy "How much does a house cost?" Answer: it depends on a lot of factors, such as...

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App Store Video Previews

Apple recently added app store video trailers - a great way to get an app to stand out in the App Store. Instead of static images, an app can now feature a dynamic video-- a more effective way to increase downloads and app sales. As one of the first video production...

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Whole Foods Market: 60+ Videos and Counting

HiLo Media has created a lot of online content for Whole Foods Market. We are particularly proud of the content for a couple of reasons: 1. We created high-quality HD videos for a national-level client and 2. We agree with the core values portrayed in the content,...

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Whole Foods Midwest Local Vendor Videos 2010

HiLo Media returned for another year in collaboration with Whole Foods Midwest on their local vendor video series producing HD vignettes on farmers and food producers throughout the midwest. The videos are a part of a viral video campaign in the Whole Foods Market

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