Product Videos

We live in a new high-tech landscape where consumers make quick decisions based on what they see on your web site. Hilo Media specializes in new media delivery of high definition featurettes for any type of consumer product or software. We even can create dynamic video presentations from your photos, logos, and branding materials.
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Viral Video Campaigns

Do you have a great announcement, event, press release, or just have something to say? HiLo Media can create a Trailer, Virtual Press Release, or Viral Video campaign to announce it to the world. We’ll help get the video on your website and can launch the video to the most popular Viral Video outlets like YouTube, Yahoo Video, Revver, Google Video, Blip.TV, and many more. Then we’ll deliver video view statistics via weekly emails so you can easily track your success.
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Screencast + Software Training

We know that many software buyers immediately throw away the manual. What better way to show off or teach someone about software than with a video? HiLo Media will create a dynamic, engaging software training screencast that you can deploy to your users, members, employees – the sky’s the limit!

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iPhone / iPad Application Overview Video

HiLo Media has been a popular choice for iPhone and iPad App developers in which to show off their creative work to the world. Many of our clients have been featured in the App Store & have topped the charts in their categories.

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Website Tour

Is your website your business? Instead of writing pages of FAQ’s and “how-to’s” about your site, why not show people with a video? HiLo Media will create an engaging High Definition website tour for your site that will grab your visitors, engage them, and keep them there.

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HiLo Media have been innovators in the highly technical field of podcasting. From creating one of the first video podcasts to producing podcasts for a varied list of international clients, HiLo Media can handle all of the steps from production to execution: recording / editing, mastering, iTunes submittal, RSS feed creation and iTunes-specific tagging, media hosting, blog creation and managment.

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