Culinary Video Production

HiLo Media has many years’ experience developing, shooting, editing, and delivering cooking video content for web and broadcast.

The HiLo Media team has:

• Produced a 13-episode cooking show series for PBS (writing, direction, production, and post)

• Produced over 300 culinary videos that have received over 3.5 million views on YouTube.

• Created viral content featuring Bravo Top Chef winners Stephanie Izard and Hosea Rosenberg, internet cooking sensation Keith Snow, and Chicago restauranteur Mindy Segal.

Here is how we’ll make your next culinary production a success:


HiLo Media will work with the on-camera talent to script a cooking video, including: outlining talking points and developing an interesting story to tell, planning the logistics of a shoot day (recipe order, what items should be pre-cooked or prepped, etc.).


HiLo Media will capture the cooking talent in beautiful HD video, including two (or more) cameras, associated crew, set lighting and sound capture specific to the unique kitchen environment. We can even bring our own culinary assistant, experienced in food prep for video and food styling for finishing shots. Our experienced culinary director will direct the on-camera talent, ensuring the best performance and the best footage.


All HiLo Media videos are edited and mastered to the strict audio and video quality specifications of a national broadcast, even if delivered on the web. Our experienced cooking video editors will edit the footage so the recipe and the talent are shown in their best light. We understand the stylistic differences between YouTube, PBS, and Food Network and will deliver dynamic culinary content.

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Featured Culinary Videos:

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